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Weddings and Honeymoons in Cyprus

Unbridled romance and blissful relaxation awaits honeymooners in Cyprus, the land where love itself was born.

It was here in Cyprus, after all, that the ancient goddess of love, Aphrodite, emerged from the sea at Petra tou Romiou clothed only in sea foam; it may have happened in 3200 B.C. but her amorous spirit still reigns in Cyprus.

The allure of antiquity, the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea and sun, and the legendary hospitality of the Cypriots themselves make Cyprus the ultimate honeymoon and wedding destination.

Cyprus: The birth place of love itself

Romance is always what you make it, but in Cyprus the spirit of Aphrodite can only help. As Aphrodite once did, newlyweds will delight in the splendours of Cyprus' natural environment.

You can see the spot where she bathed in a natural grotto (some say to renew her virginity after each one of her many and varied trysts) on the still pristine Akamas Peninsula. The stunning coastline exerts a powerful pull, from Paphos to Agia Napa (also Ayia Napa) and the spectacular Cape Gkreko (also Cape Greco).

Clean beaches and warm, clear waters invite spontaneous swims any time of the day. History and hedonism comfortably intertwine at five-star beach resorts within a short distance of evocative ancient ruins.

But head inland and you will quickly discover charming villages with their friendly cafes, not to mention the revitalizing pine and cedar-covered mountains of the Troodos Massif.

Civil marriage ceremonies in Cyprus

The procedure begins by the submission of a joint "notice of marriage" (by the persons to be married) to the Marriage Officer. The marriage can be celebrated at least 15 days after the date of the notice. In this case the parties to be married have to stay in Cyprus for about 20 days.

The prescribed fees are currently CY£75.00. In case of an emergency, however, the interested persons may apply to the Marriage Officer to fix an earlier date, by paying advanced fees. In this case the marriage can be celebrated within 2-3 working days, in which case the prescribed fee is CY£165.00.

Parties to be married should be in possession of:

  • Legal identification documents and birth certificates (in cases of single persons).
  • Evidence that they are free to marry

The parties must also make an affirmation before the Marriage Officer that they know of no impediment or lawful hindrance to their marriage.

Religious marriage ceremonies in Cyprus

A civil marriage may be celebrated by the Marriage Officer at his office, or by a Registered Minister of Religion (priests of various denominations registered and licensed by the Ministry of Interior of Cyprus Republic) at his church. In this case all the same procedure should be followed at the Municipality, but the religious ceremony can be held at a church.

Detailed information may be obtained directly from the Union of Cyprus Municipalities using the details below:

P.O. Box 22033, CY-1516 Nicosia, Cyprus

+357 2244 5170

+357 2267 7230

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