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Diving in Cyprus

The crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Cyprus is a colourful world in which to dive if you want to enjoy a breath of serenity. With water temperatures varying from 27 to 16 degrees Celsius, and sunshine almost all year around. Cyprus offers one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean.

The divers' guide to diving in Cyprus

  • Spear-fishing is prohibited within the bathers' areas, which are demarcated with red buoys.
  • It is forbidden to remove antiquities and sponges from the bottom of the sea.
  • Organised sub-aqua clubs and diving centres can be found in all towns and resorts, as well as at a number of hotels.
  • Besides these clubs and centres, many firms sell or hire sub-aqua equipment to holders of diving certificates.
For your information...

For more information about diving in Cyprus, please contact the Cyprus Federation of Underwater Activities (C.F.U.A.) on,

PO Box 21503, 1510 Lefkosia

+31 357 2275 4647

+31 357 2275 5246

A person diving amongst the corals of under-sea Cyprus.

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