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Agrotourism in Cyprus

Travel inland almost anywhere in Cyprus and you will come across old villages with traditional architecture where the traditions themselves have changed little over the centuries.

Cyprus Agrotourism Programme

You too can slip into the easy rhythm of the rural life thanks to the Cyprus Agrotourism Programme, which promotes the restoration of traditional houses so they are fully equipped to receive visiting guests. There is no better or more direct way to experience the life of the countryside, with its folk customs, traditional cuisine and wholesome hospitality, than through the agrotourism programme.

An invogorating and calming experience

Spacious lodgings in the island's hospitable rural villages, create a warm and distinctly Cypriot atmosphere for independent travellers. A stay in a traditional house is both an invigorating and calming experience, thanks to the cozy custom decor and absence of urban distractions, at a modest cost.

And there is a plethora of surprises right outside the door: thousands of different fragrances unique to the countryside, walks down nature trails, and visits to historical monasteries and archaeological sites. You could also choose to linger in the local taverna - or even on your sunny terrace.

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