The Association of Greek-Cypriot Travel Agents

The Official Voice of UK Cypriot Tour Operators & Travel Agents

AGTA (UK) - Association of Greek Cypriot Travel Agents - was founded in May 1989.

AGTA is, to date, generally regarded as the official voice for UK Cypriot specialist tour operators / travel agents and is regularly consulted for its views by the Island's tourism authorities and industry.

The aims of the Association are:

  • To promote travel and tourism to Cyprus in general
  • To support its members' promotional drives for Cyprus Tourism
  • To co-operate with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and travel/tourism industry bodies in Cyprus and the UK for the sustainable development of Cyprus tourism more effectively

AGTA has two membership categories: Bonafide Members [Greek Cypriot owned Tour Operators & Travel Agents, who are the members with voting rights], Affiliate [UK & Cyprus hoteliers or ancillary services providers].  Full details of all members can be found in the AGTA annual directory and on this website.
The current membership comprises of: 12 Tour Operators/Travel Agents, 36 Cyprus & UK Affiliate members and 2 Sponsors.  Total membership - all categories: 50.  [Note: Most Tour Operator members also operate retailers as you will note going through this brochure and on our website].

Tangible benefits for members:

  • Listings the AGTA annual directory and regularly membership updates
  • Promotion on the AGTA Website
  • Networking at events / meetings organised by the Association
  • Representation / lobbying at official meetings in Cyprus and UK
  • Communication through quarterly newsletters [AGTA NEWS]

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation and Cyprus Airways sponsor AGTA (UK) annually by way of advertising in the Association's annual Cyprus brochure [Directory].

AGTA (UK) council:
The affairs of the Association are managed by a council elected every 2 years.  The council normally comprises of three officers [Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Treasurer] and six members.  Currently only 5 serve at council:  Noel Josephides (Sunvil Holidays), Chair, Harry Kyrillou (Planet Holidays), Vice Chair, Angelos Agathangelou (Anemone Travel), Treasurer, Harry Hajipapas (Cyplon Holidays), Manolis Mavroulakis (Greece & Cyprus Travel).

AGTA (UK) Secretariat:
The AGTA Secretariat carries out all the administration and other work towards major projects undertaken by the Association with guidance from the Chairman and council. [Note: The Secretariat was established in 1996 and operates with a Permanent Secretary, known as the Executive, who manages the administration and other activities. Mr. Ioannis (Yannis) Efthymiou has been employed as the AGTA (UK) Secretariat Executive, since 1996].

AGTA (UK) operates as per the rules of an established constitution.

How to join:
Information on how to become an AGTA (UK) member is available from the Secretariat and the AGTA website.

Read about how to become a member of AGTA (UK)

AGTA (UK) Website:
The website was designed several years ago by MintTwist Ltd. The website's content has been based on the Association's annual Directory of membership.

The site was re-designed twice since, in 2007/8 and 2008/9. Consultation is currently on the way for the site's further development.
For more information, contact...

Yannis Efthymiou, Executive

AGTA (UK) Secretariat
London N11 2NU

Tel: +44 (0) 208 889 8395
Mob: 07800748206

About AGTA (UK)

Fast Facts

AGTA (UK) was founded in May 1989.

AGTA (UK) currently has 50 member organisations.

AGTA (UK) is managed by a nine-person council elected every two years.

AGTA (UK) operates under the rules of an established constitution.

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